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Hopothecary Candles began life in 2020 as a partnership with the best of friends and was originally named Monty Hop.

As the business evolved and two owners became one, it was reborn under it's new name in 2021.

A small artisan business based in the picturesque Somerset town of Frome, where shopping small and local is at the very heart of this independent and creative community    


We only work with the most ethical of suppliers, sourcing renewable, biodegradable vegetable based waxes. Vegan and cruelty free fragrance oils and we use recycled, recyclable or reusable glass or ceramic vessels.


We only use eco-friendly recycled tissue paper and packaging boxes which in turn are 100% recyclable.


We stuff the boxes full with biodegradable packing peanuts so we don't need any of the dreaded bubble wrap!


Although we do have a little oxo-degradable cushion packaging for those very precious parcels!

Did you know that packing peanuts are made from starch and can be washed away down the sink with zero harm to our waterways? Pretty cool eh!

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Why vegetable wax?

Soy wax, made from the soy bean, contains no artificial ingredients and is much safer and kinder to the environment than traditional paraffin based candles.

Not only that, but it is a sustainable product from a renewable source and gives a longer and cleaner burn.

A soy wax candle produces way less soot than it's paraffin competitors and doesn't release potentially harmful toxins into the environment.

It's biodegradable too, so when you have finished burning your candle you can wash the jar with warm soapy water, ready to reuse the vessel in your home.

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