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This is the first of a trilogy of candles inspired by 2020 and the global pandemic that touched every human on the planet.


Back at the begining of the national lockdown in England, spring had begun to emerge from its winter slumber. Many of us were walking more and appreciating all that mother nature had to offer. Some people were not lucky enough to have outdoor space on their doorstep. 


Personally, I missed my own annual pilgrimage to the local bluebell woods at Friggle Street on the edge of the Longleat Estate and those at Bonham Woods on the Stourhead Estate nearby - close but not close enough to walk from my front door.


How I wish I had been able to light this candle back then. I really missed those bluebells.


Did you know that over half of the worlds population of these iconic little wildflowers grow in the UK.




A heady floral mix of bluebells enhanced with notes of galbanum, rose and jasmine.


Top Notes:  Bluebell, Hyacinth

Middle Notes:  Lavender, Galbanum, Rose, Jasmin

Base Notes: Musk

Wild Bluebell, Soy Candle

  • Medium 150g candle in reusable amber glassware with lid.

    Aprox 30 hours burn time.

    Soy wax with cotton wick.

    Pease read the FAQ section for candle care information.